Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Project Runway 9, Episode 7: Nein nein nein

Joshua McKinley on the runway for the HP challenge

Can we PLEASE stop with the team challenges already? At this point, I'm convinced they're going to have to do their Fashion Week collections in teams of two.

The Fix is In
How much do you want to bet that every button in Heidi's velvet bag had the name "Joshua McKinley" on it? The producers knew Bert would get picked last. They desperately wanted Josh and Bert on the same team. Two bitchy queens fighting it out, who could resist? I bet that's why they gave the win to Anthony Ryan the week before over Josh. If Josh picked first, he wouldn't be on Bert's team, and they knew Anthony Ryan wasn't going to pick Josh.

Good vs. Evil
How refreshing was it to watch Team Chaos put their egos aside and work together in harmony just like a good Project Runway team should? Watching Team Nuts and Bolts was like watching a heard of lemmings run off a cliff in slow motion.

The Clown
I don't really believe a single thing Josh M says, or rather, I don't believe the emotions he puts behind anything he says. I mean, I'm sure his mother died, but everything about him is a show. He is a reality TV star, not a designer. If you were worried he was going to be sent home, you needn't have been. Aside from the fact that the producers love him, his teary eyed "I didn't make it back to see my mother" one last time monologue was delivered in clothes we have not yet seen him wearing. Clearly they plucked footage from some future breakdown and placed it here. (During the runway show, Diana kept saying "that shirt makes him look like a clown.")

The Winner
Team Chaos not only worked together well, but they had a theme. They had a video that made some semblance of sense; although, I really don't know that the video really added anything to experience. Clearly it was there for product placement purposes, which is pissing me off because HP isn't going to make consumer electronics anymore. So there's no point in pushing all this HP crap on us Lifetime. But anyway, Anya scored the win with her black-squiggle-print-combo dress. To be honest, so much of the episode focused on Team Reality Show that I had no memory really of Team Chaos's looks before they went down the runway.

The Loser
Becky was doomed, and she deserved to go. The only thing that would have saved her was being on the winning team. Let's face it, that's the only reason Bryce is still around. Becky's outfit was so generic it doesn't even deserve a clever name, and the editing made it seem like "clocks" as a theme was her idea. As the judges said "time" would have been a much better theme.

The Final 9
Fashion Week is this week. The Project Runway show was last Friday. Yes, that means that all 9 remaining designers showed. Blech. I dislike that just a little less than I dislike immunity. Any emphasis from this point forward on "getting to show at Fashion Week" is pure bull-shit. If you would like to see all 9 collections, you can do so over at Tom & Lorenzo:
Anthony, Anya, Bert
Bryce, Josh, Kimberly
Laura, Olivier, Viktor

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