Monday, September 26, 2011


Have you been watching Suits? We were worried that, like Tower Prep form last season, we were the only ones watching it and it wouldn't get renewed, but it was! Yay.

I'm quite certain that Trevor does not spill the beans about Michael to Jessica. Sure, he might, and then we'd have a season where Jessica is in on the secret. But Trevor isn't the type of character to do anything unless it gets him something in return. He's not going to just screw over Mike for revenge's sake. Somehow he's going to spin it so that he ends up getting a job at the firm too. Then we get a season with him torturing Mike from inside the firm.

Mike's not going to get fired because if Mike gets fired, there's no show. Also, even if Trevor tells Jessica the truth, Harvard thinks Mike graduated their law school now.

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