Friday, October 28, 2011

The Cardinals Will Win Tonight

Unfortunately, the Cardinals are going to win the World Series tonight. I will happily eat my words if I am wrong, but I just don't see any way around it.

For one thing, no team can survive such a soul-crushing loss. The Rangers were twice a strike away from winning their first World Series last night. Instead, we're going to a game 7. That kind of loss haunts you for decades. Expecting the Rangers to shake it off and win tonight is ridiculous.

For another, a road team hasn't won a World Series game 7 since the Pirates beat the Orioles in Baltimore in 1979. Thanks to the results of an exhibition game 3 months ago a team that couldn't even win its own division gets home field advantage in its sport's finals. That makes sense.

If that weren't bad enough, the Cardinals have won 7 of their 10 titles in a game 7. They're 7-2 in game 7s over all. That's a pretty good record. Of course they did win 3 of those 7 on the road and lost 1 of those 2 at home.

The only silver-lining I see for the Rangers is that, over all, home teams only have an 18-17 record in game 7s. They've just won 8 in a row. Maybe that means a road team is due, or maybe that means home field advantage means more now than it used to mean.

Prove me wrong, Texas. Please, prove me wrong.

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  1. The Cardinals were blessed this year, I hoped the Rangers won last year but that didnt happen.
    It will take 5 years to get over this one.

    Cardinals Nation will try not to beat dead horse too long. 2012 will probably be the Phils and the Tigers.


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