Friday, October 14, 2011

No Country for Bond Beauty

This is exciting: Javier Bardem has been officially announced as the villain in the next Bond film (link). The as yet unnamed film "Bond 23" will be directed by Sam Mendes and star Daniel Craig. "Bond 23" is something of a misnomer as this will actually be the 25th film to feature Bond. The original Casino Royale comedy and the Warner produced Never Say Never Again generally aren't counted.

Mendes is probably the biggest name to ever take the directorial helm of a Bond film. The late Irvin Kershner of The Empire Strikes Back fame directed the aforementioned Never Say Never Again and Michael Apted directed The World is Not Enough. You might not recognize Apted's name, but he directed several successful and critically acclaimed movies in the 80's, including Coal Miner's Daughter and Gorillas in the Mist. Near as I can tell, Mendes is the first Oscar-winner to direct a Bond film. He won for American Beauty.

I can't wait! "Call it, Mr. Bond"

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