Friday, October 7, 2011

Project Runway 9, Episode 10 and the case of the Naval Treaty

Joshua and Anya discuss designs in the workroom 
we make reality tv fun! (but can't make fashion)

As I sat down last week to quietly read the Sherlock Holmes' story The Naval Treaty, something curious happened. I kept getting interrupted by this inane game show you may have heard of called Project Runway. In any case, here's what happens in The Naval Treaty

Mr. Phelps
An old friend of Dr. Watson who currently works as a diplomat is assigned the task of hand copying an important treaty, this being in the days before electronic documents or Xerox. As is the way of these things, he leaves his chamber briefly only to return to find the treaty missing! His life will be ruined if he does not recover it!

That Second 70's Challenge
Just as this show has been ruined by... by what? Time? Meddling producers? Michael, Nina, and Heidi's descent into madness? The 70's are apparently sooooo in right now that we need two challenges in a row to update them. Then Anya loses her money when it falls out of her top (an excuse to highlight her breasts) and magically they have to make a second look for no reason.

"In other words, the twist was practically tailor-made to dig Anya out of the hole she was in."

"It’s simply this: people in fashion are naturally going to respond well to beautiful people. Kors, Klum and Garcia can’t help themselves; they’re always going to fall all over the pretty ones."

"Well, you’ve finally done it, you guys. You’ve managed to take the two people who are probably the most engaged with this show and left them bored with your silliness and completely uninterested in the final outcome."

- Tom and Lorenzo. 

Although, in that last quote they could be talking about me and Diana. I half watched and half read my story and in the end didn't finish either of them. We turned it off at 10pm. The next day I finished reading The Naval Treaty, but I won't tell you how it ends because that's something actually worth spending your time doing at some point in your life.

I never did watch the end of Project Runway. Instead I read a recap online and Tom and Lorenzo. When I turned it off, I predicted Anya, Bert, and Josh in the bottom. Josh's pieces didn't make any sense together, and Anya and Bert's appeared not only horribly made but horrible to look at. I had Anthony Ryan, Lauren, and Viktor in the top with Viktor winning.

T&L pointed out that Viktor couldn't win because his pieces were too complicated to manufacture. Oh right, I'd forgotten this was another exploit-the-contestants-for-free-design-work challenge. Instead somehow Anya batted her eyelashes said "gosh, I just learned to sew" and won. Then one of Bert's looks got picked to be manufactured too for some reason, and Anthony Ryan got aufed because he doesn't make for as interesting a TV character as Josh, even though somehow Anthony Ryan has consistently been the #1 or #2 fan favorite on Lifetime's page all season. Way to go producers. You guessed half wrong on whom the audience enjoys watching. You got Anya right, but let's face it, she's only a fan favorite because she's attractive and had a sex tape. I guess PR has become a become a beauty pageant and the former Miss Universe contestant is a shoo-in to win.

Although, if she goes back to Trinidad to work on her collection, at least Tim will get a good vacation out of it.

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