Monday, November 28, 2011

WTF Ebay Users?

I'm not an Ebay expert. I've bought a handful of things. I've sold a handful of things. Currently I have a sealed 36 ct booster box of Pokemon Neo Genesis cards for sale. I've gotten 4 messages from users asking me if I'd be willing to end the auction and sell it to them for various amounts of money. Several of them are even blatantly offering to do the deal outside of Ebay, which is strictly against the Ebay user rules.

On the one hand, yes you're offering me a lot more money than it's currently being bid at. On the other hand, WHY NOT JUST BID ON IT?!

I briefly thought about emailing the first guy back and saying I got this other offer if you want to match it. I thought maybe I could get a bidding war started. Then I thought... that's the whole point of it being an online auction! Emailing me and offering to buy it completely defeats the whole purpose of my listing.

Is this a new attitude among Ebay users? I sold one of these last year and this didn't happen.


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