Saturday, December 17, 2011

Every Body's Different

I read this article today about people removing their SmartMeters because they claim they make them sick. What I found most interesting about it was some of the comments, including this one:
Why not profile someone who claims to have been abducted by aliens and the police won't take her seriously? That has about as much scientific validity as this story.
It seems indicative of an attitude that seems to pervade modern medicine, or maybe it's western medicine. I'm not sure, but it frustrates me. It's this idea that everybody's body is exactly the same. Every body reacts to stimuli the same way. Every body can be treated the same way. That's a load of B.S. If that were true we'd all like the same foods, have the same allergies, like the same colors, weather, etc. We're not like that.

I have no doubt that SmartMeters make some people sick. I also have no doubt that it's such a small percentage that you're never going to get a statistically significant result out of any "scientific" study of the issue. Detractors and companies will always be able to hide behind those statistics and discount people's claims.

That doesn't change the fact that for these people these symptoms are real. (I would even argue it doesn't really matter if the effects are psychosomatic as they're still resulting from the presence of the SmartMeter.)

I get panic attacks when I'm on steroid nasal sprays. That's not an official side effect you'll find on any list. Every doctor I tell that to looks at me like I'm crazy. That doesn't change the fact that when I'm on steroid nasal sprays, I get panic attacks. When I stop using them, the panic attacks go away. This has happened multiple times with different steroids, years apart.

Claritin makes me ADD. Pepcid gives me insomnia. These are all random statistical anomalies, but they happen to me.

Every body is different. Everybody's body chemistry is different. I don't quite understand why this is so hard for people to grasp.

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