Thursday, February 16, 2012


Ah, politics. I've been thinking lately, as Mitt Romney tries so hard to prove that he's a dyed in the wool conservative and steadily loses independent voters in the process, that he may have missed a golden opportunity. When he was governor of Massachusetts, he was pro-choice and "pro-healthcare" for the lack of a better word. Of course he had to switch those opinions to have any choice of getting the GOP nomination. Of course he had to have those opinions to have any hope of being governor of Massachusetts, making it hard to know what he really believes, but let's say that he is pro-choice and pro-healthcare. If he had said screw-you GOP and ran as an independent who was pro-choice & pro-healthcare but fiscally conservative, etc, etc. he might have had a chance to win. Especially in a political climate where people are fed up with a gridlocked congress that can't get anything done and a president who claimed he could fix it but couldn't.

I know, I know. You're saying Alan, you're crazy. Independent and 3rd party candidates never win. True, but historically they've all been fringe candidates. People who are further left then Democrats or further right then Republicans. We've never had a 3rd candidate who claimed the center. If Romney had done that, I think he might have had a chance, or at least a better one. Not that I'm pulling for Romney or anything. I just find it interesting.

Oh, and as much as people seem to be decrying the world of Super PACs, without them the GOP nomination would already be Romney's. With them, I think someday a 3rd party or independent candidate might have a chance.

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