Friday, April 13, 2012

Cabin in the Woods with Thor

Cabin in the Woods opens this weekend. The ads have done nothing to make me want to see it, in fact they make it seem rather silly to me. Sometimes that's a good thing. It's co-written by Joss Whedon. I'm very hit-or-miss with Joss. Hit: Firefly. Stain-on-the-Earth: Alien Resurrection. Still, it got a really good review in the Chronicle today, which peaks my interest some.

What I didn't realize was that the movie was actually made back in 2009, but got shelved due to MGM's bankruptcy problems. It stars Chris Hemsworth before he turned into Thor. He now seems to be Thor in every movie he's in, including Snow White and the Huntsman.

I didn't even recognize him in the ads for Cabin in the Woods because he doesn't look like Thor. He's also in the Red Dawn remake. I had assumed that had come out and disappeared years ago, but no, it too was shelved due to the MGM bankruptcy. It's due out later this year. If it wasn't already destined to be crappy, they've apparently changed the movie in post-production to be about a North Korean invasion of North America instead of a Chinese one. Because... that's plausible. I never saw the original, but it was mostly famous for being the first PG-13 film. So... you know... the world was demanding it be re-imagined.

I also didn't realize Hemsworth played Kirk's father in the Star Trek reboot. He was great in that, but again, he didn't look like Thor. His brother Liam is also an actor. He was horribly miscast in the role of Gale in The Hunger Games. Chris would have been better, even if he did look like Thor.

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