Thursday, August 23, 2012


Listening to Complainers Is Bad for Your Brain - Negativity is bad. The article points out:
There's a big difference between bringing your attention to something that's awry and a complaint... Typically, people who are complaining don't want a solution; they just want you to join in the indignity of the whole thing.


20 Things That Kill More People Than Sharks Every Year - High School football is more deadly than sharks, as are vending machines.


53 'Arrested Development' Jokes You Probably Missed plus more in the comments section. It's making me want to go back and watch them all again, which maybe I should do anyway before the long-awaited Netflix-only release of Season 4 next year.


Diana sent me this one: will tell you approximately how many people in the US have your first name, last name, and first & last name. I am, not surprisingly, the only person with my name in the country. There is one other person in the world with my name (as far as I know), but he lives in England.

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