Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Doctor Who Returns!

The second half of the current season of Doctor Who started up again this weekend with the episode "The Bells of St. John." I find id interesting the nearly at the same time we find out officially that David Tennant and Billie Piper will be in the 50th Anniversary Special this fall we get a reference to the Tenth Doctor in the episode. In case you didn't catch it, as the Eleventh Doctor is shedding his monk's robes and getting re-dressed in his regular garb, he grabs two coats, one of which was Tenth Doctor's which he then tosses aside in favor of his current, shorter coat. I'm going to bet that won't be the last reference to Tenth Doctor, or any previous Doctor to pop up this season. 

Given how Steven Moffat likes everything to connect, I would normally assume that Tennant and Piper's reappearance would be more than just a random occurrence but would rather be an important piece in a larger puzzle. However, they seem to be making the special a stand-alone story, given that it will happen after the current season ends and be shown in theaters the same day it airs. But who knows. 

I also saw an interesting post on Facebook pointing out the similarities between Clara Oswin Oswald and CAL, the girl from Moffat penned "The Silence in the Library"/"Forest of the Dead" episodes during the Donna Noble season. CAL has a similar name, looks a bit like one imagines a young Clara to look, and there is the similarity of their story-line  CAL was a girl whose intelligence was uploaded to a computer but didn't realize it. Clara, in her first episode, had her intelligence residing in a Dalek, but didn't realize it. Then in this week's episode, she gets her mind actually uploaded into a computer, in a way that one assumes Charlotte Abigail Lux's was uploaded into CAL. 

Are they really connected? Hard to say. It's tantalizing to think this story could loop back around to the library. That could open a door for the Tenth Doctor's appearance in the Anniversary Special as well open the possibility of putting a button on the River Song song character arc. That's a hard thing to do, given that we've already seen all of her major life events from birth to death to meeting the Doctor to the Doctor meeting her and even their wedding. Still, she feels unresolved in some way, even with these out in the ether

Of course, as I'm writing this, the person I really want to see in the Anniversary Special is Captain Jack...

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